Mikey's Return Policy

Mikey Henderson did it again. Just like he did twice in the Western Kentucky game... ok once, the junior from Buford returned a punt for a touchdown. The one vs Tennessee was good for 86 yards. He is averaging 22.5 yards a return which leads the SEC and is 5th nationally. This week I talked to him about his returns and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- Another return, another touchdown... describe the play...

Mikey Henderson -- It was a perfectly blocked play. After I caught the ball, I saw the gunner getting blocked, I got to the seam and then Ramarcus Brown took out the punter and then I switched gears and got to the endzone.

DM -- Do you hear the crowd cheering as you are running?

MH -- Not until I lay the ball down. I am in a zone. I am too focussed to hear the crowd. I just want to make sure I hold on to the ball all the way until I lay it down in the endzone.

DM -- Does Thomas Flowers talk to you about your punt returns?

MH -- He is the first person I go to on the sideline. I always ask him for advice because he sees what I see.

DM -- Still waiting for that big play as a wide receiver...

MH -- I know. I am creeping in there and getting involved with more plays. It is tough as the punt returner because coach wants fresh bodies in there and if I spend my energy on my punt return I might not get back in there until 2nd or 3rd down.

DM -- How many plays were you out there on offense vs Tennessee?

MH -- 8 plays.

DM -- Despite the score, was this the best game for the wide receivers this season as a group?

MH -- This game was a big confidence boost. We were showing what we can do, but we have to get better.

DM -- Have the tennis ball drills helped?

MH -- It all helps.

DM -- This game hurts, but there is a lot of season left...

MH -- We lost and that's hard, but it's one game. We can't get in a funk vs Vandy. Only Florida has one loss in the east, we can only control what happens to us. We will have to see what happens and hopefully at the end it will be Georgia playing in the SEC Championship.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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