Parkview fullback is a bulldozer in backfield

Parkview is loaded with division 1 linemen. <b>Zeb McKinzey</b>, <b>David Overmyer</b>, and <b>Brandon Pilgrim</b> will all play D1 ball next season. However, the best overall blocker on the team may be 260 pound wrecking ball <b>Matt Romano</b>.

Matt Romano (FB/DT)

Fullback/Defensive Tackle
5-11, 260, 4.9
Lilburn, GA - Parkview

School Preferences: Georgia, Mississippi State, Georgia Southern, Clemson, and Tennessee

  • Strength Numbers: Bench 325, Squat 510, Power Clean 336
Profile 2003 - Matt Romano (FB)

Parkview High School is ranked #2 in the country by most publications this season after coming off of back to back 15-0 seasons. The offensive line has been named by The Sporting News as the best unit in the entire country. As well they should with 3 players with multiple division 1 offers like Zeb McKinzey, David Overmyer, and Brandon Pilgrim. However, as good as those guys are, the best blocker on the entire team may be 5-11 and 260 pound fullback Matt Romano.

Romano is relatively new to the game of football after playing soccer growing up. "I went and watched him as an 8th grader when he first started playing," said Parkview Head Coach Cecil Flowe. "You could tell that he wasn't really concentrating out there and he looked kind of lost, but he had

Matt Romano - FB

great feet and was unbelievably strong. We moved him over to fullback, and we started giving him small assignments. Then we started giving him a bit more. Now, he's just a devastating blocker. He knows how to get through the line and get on top of the backers. He'll hit the middle linebacker a few times and bend him over backwards, and you can just see the linebacker start to concede as Matt wears him out. He can play somewhere. You put him as a lead back in an I-formation, and there's no one better."

Romano has made a believer out of one of the top middle linebackers in the south, Des Williams of Dacula High school. "Man, that guy is a load," said Williams. "He gets so low, and he is so strong, that once he gets on top of you, there's not much you can do with him. You just hope you can hold your ground and still make a play."

Romano has his soccer background to thank for his good feet and quickness, but his brute strength comes from hard work in the weight room. he recently set the team record for the power clean at 360 pounds, and he has a 325 pound bench with a 510 squat. He set the power clean record with the local news filming him last week. He doubles as a defensive tackle, and he is just as devastating in the middle of a defense as he is on offense. 

When it comes to colleges, Romano is just looking for a chance to show what he can do. "I don't really have any favorites. I'll go play anywhere. I just want to play. If I had to name some schools that I might want to visit, I guess I'd say Georgia, Mississippi State, Georgia Southern, Clemson, and Tennessee. Like I said though, I'll play anywhere."

There will be a multitude of college scouts at Parkview this year to watch a team loaded with college prospects, and they would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn't watch the wrecking ball in the backfield wearing #46.

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