Gray enjoys trip to Athens - HS team rolling

With a big-time win under his belt from Friday night, Logan Gray made the trip to Athens with his teammate Aaron White.

Quentin Grant: How did your trip to Athens go?

Logan Gray: I enjoyed the trip with the exception of the loss it went well.

Grant: What did you think about the atmosphere in Sanford Stadium?

Gray: It was unbelievable. You almost can't describe it; it was electric the whole night. It was real exciting even though Georgia didn't come out on top. It was great to see how the fans respond to the game.

Grant: When you are present for a game like that and all the electricity that surrounded it does it make you look forward to playing at Georgia even more?

Gray: Most definitely, when you are there you want to go down on the field right then and start playing. I was so awesome and definitely exciting.

Grant: What other recruits did you get to spend time with at the game?

Gray: Well there was a ton of guys there. A lot of the commits were there; of course Aaron was there, Charles White, Neland Ball, Tanner Strickland, and Trinton Sturdivant. Also Caleb King, Eric Berry, and Morgan Burnett were there and I talked to all of them.

Grant: Were you trying to recruit any of those guys that haven't committed yet such as Eric Berry or Cliff Mathews?

Gray: I definitely tried. I talked to Cliff a whole bunch. I also talked to Ahmad Paige a great deal. Hopefully I did some recruiting but we will see how things go. There were just so many recruits at the game.

Grant: How did you guys do on Friday night?

Gray: We won 21-14.

Grant: After that win that puts your team at 6-0 on the season, how does the rest of your season set up?

Gray: We play our cross town rival this week. They are not doing very well this year but it still should be a big time game and a fun atmosphere to play in. I think last year we had around 20,000 people at the game. Hopefully we will stay undefeated, and after that we have three district games which define if you go on to the playoffs or not.

Grant: With a victory over the number three team in the state; do you feel as if that solidifies your team as the number one team in Missouri?

Gray: I think so, the team that we played has won a bunch of state championships and it is definitely a quality win. The good thing is despite winning we didn't even play that well.

Grant: Did you have a touchdown pass on Friday night?

Gray: Yes sir, I threw for one and I ran for one.

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