Working Hard

After sitting out last year, Bryan Evans has made some good contributions to this year's defense. The cornerback from Jacksonville currently has 9 tackles and 3 pass breakups. Earlier this fall he had a sprained MCL, but he appears to be completely healthy. This week I talked to him about how the season has been going.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been going this week?

Bryan Evans -- It has been going pretty good. We are practicing some new schemes and preparing for our next game.

DM -- After being redshirted last year, have you found your groove this year?
BE -- When I do get in, I feel like I contribute, but I still feel like I haven't broken out yet. I still need to get better.

DM -- About how much are you getting in on defense now?

BE -- Right now they are rotating all of us now... keeping us fresh.

DM -- About how many plays would you say you are in?

BE -- I would say about 15-20 a game.

DM -- How frustrating is it for a defensive back that the team's interceptions is so low?

BE -- We haven't had a lot of deep throws thrown at us and the ones that have been thrown we haven't executed and capitalized on them.

DM -- Which special team units are you a part of?

BE -- I am on the kickoff team and I am one of the gunners after Ramarcus Brown on the punt team.

DM -- How much do you like special teams?

BE -- I like it. Special teams is great because we have offensive and defensive players working together. We work very hard on special teams.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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