Doing the Dew

Darius Dewberry was a 5-star player out of high school. On his way to Georgia he spent a year at the Hargraves Academy. Now he is adjusting to life in the SEC. Currently he has 5 tackles, 4 of them coming in the Western Kentucky game. This week I talked to him about his role with the Georgia Bulldogs.

Dave McMahon -- About how much are you playing right now?

Darius Dewberry -- I am not playing too much on defense, but a lot of special teams.

DM -- What have you improved on the most since coming here?

DD -- I am much better mentally and physically.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

DD -- My footwork.

DM -- Georgia rotates their linebackers a lot, where are you playing, when you are playing linebacker?

DD -- I am playing the strong side. That is where I am most comfortable.

DM -- There are 4 of you that are freshmen linebackers... but you are the only one playing... how are they adjusting?

DD -- They are doing great. I talk to them all the time. They are on the scout team helping us prepare for the next game and they will be ready next season.

DM -- How much better is Georgia than Hargraves?

DD -- Oh, it is A LOT better.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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