Dawgs' kicking woes get national attention

ATHENS – Georgia's kicking woes are now playing to a national audience.

The Bulldogs' most recent blocked punt, which resulted in a touchdown during a 51-33 loss to Tennessee last week, was the subject of Sports Illustrated's cover photograph this week.

The play was the No. 16 Bulldogs' third blocked kick in two weeks, and that's after not one punt was blocked in the first 71 games of the Mark Richt era.

"It's been really one thing," Richt said. "It's been one guy who has basically gotten himself too wide and allowed somebody to undercut him to get inside of that pocket."

Still, there won't be any personnel changes on the punt team this week, according to assistant coach David Johnson, who coordinates the group.

"We feel like we've got the right people," he said. "We're just working really hard on our technique."

This week's Sports Illustrated photo teased a feature story on the Southeastern Conference, not merely Georgia's faults, but a couple more blocked kicks this year and it may turn into national news.

The punt team "is like anybody else," Richt said. "They know they did a bad job; they know they made a mistake, and they know we can't do that again and expect to win. It's not like all of a sudden this week we're going to work hard on it. We work hard all the time and last week we worked especially hard on the very thing that got us."

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