History Shows

Georgia should never lose to Vanderbilt. Georgia should never lose 2 games in a row. Under Mark Richt Georgia should never be 5-2 after 7 games. OK... I took a look what happens after that... should Georgia fans feel good about this... No !!!... But here is a look anyway.

Before Saturday, Georgia has never lost to Vanderbilt under Mark Richt. Georgia's last loss to Vandy was in 1994.

Well, Georgia lost that day... what did they do after that... Georgia escaped in a game vs Kentucky 34-30. Georgia also lost to Vandy in 1991... the next game they defeated Kentucky once again 49-27.

Georgia has now lost 2 in a row 3 times under Mark Richt... Georgia has never lost 3 games in a row under Mark Richt.

The previous times Georgia lost 2 in a row under Mark Richt was in 2005... after losing to Florida and Auburn they defeated Kentucky 45-13. They also lost to Florida and Auburn in 2001 back-to-back and then defeated Ole Miss by a score of 35-15.

The last time Georgia was 5-2 after 7 games was Mark Richt's first season... back in 2001 they started 5-2... well... all was not good... Georgia then lost to Florida 24-10 and ended up finishing the season 8-4.

In other words... Georgia still has a good chance of finishing this season strong. Yes, they are battered... yes they are bruised... but they have bounced back before. Every game is separate... what will happen??? who knows??? We will find out next week.

After all they haven't lost 3 in a row since 1990.

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