Dawgs Shutout Cats

Georgia has struggled in soccer as of late, but after a 1-0 win over SEC foe Kentucky on Sunday, the Bulldogs may be heading in the right direction. The lone goal was by freshman Carrie Patterson who knocked in her 9th goal of the season breaking the school record by most goals in a season by a freshman breaking Jennifer Ahern's record set in 1995. After the game I talked to a few of the stars.

Dave McMahon -- Georgia was constantly putting pressure on Kentucky, but it took for ever to score...

Carrie Patterson -- They packed it in defensively. They had so many numbers back there it was hard to get in the middle.

DM -- Your goal broke a school record... did you know about the record?

CP -- Yeah, somebody told me. I am just glad my goals help us to win.

DM -- That win helped getting you back in the winning ways...

CP -- That's 3 big points. We definately need to close the gap with the rest of the SEC.

DM -- Georgia is now 4-4 in games decided by one goal... how frustrating has it been that the Dawgs coming in have lost 4-out-of your-last 5 games by one goal each?

CP -- It is very frustrating, but that is what the SEC is about. All the games are so close.


DM -- Talking with co-captain Randi-Lynn Bruso... it is nice to get back on the winning track...

RLB -- I think it is compliment on how we have been working as of late. Any win in the SEC gets us closer to the tournament.

DM -- Describe Carrie's goal in which you assisted on...

RLB -- She made an awesome pass to me and right away I knew she wanted it back. Carrie is such a good player that you put the ball anywhere near her and she will score.

DM -- You came close a few times scoring late, didn't you?

RLB -- I thought I was going to have one. I am just happy we won.

DM -- Next week is your last home game... has that sunk in yet?

RLB -- It hasn't hit me yet, but it will. It is so exciting.


DM -- Talking to Coach Patrick Baker... what is the deal with all these games decided by a goal... is it driving you nuts?

PB -- There's a very fine line in our conference in winning games and losing. Last year we were fortunate being on the right side of the one-goal games, this year overall we haven't been so lucky. But it is big win for Georgia and we need those in order to play in Orange Beach.

DM -- This was a must win... wasn't it?

PB -- Yeah. It will be nice to go into Knoxville win 2 more wins after this. That would give us 15 points and that should get us into the SEC Tournament. I would hate to go down to the last game that would decide whether we go to Orange Beach or not.

DM -- Carrie Patterson scored another big goal... she is one of many talented freshman... how important is she to the team?

PB -- She is very good and humble, too. She works very hard and is always in the right position. When she scores she rewards herself.

Georgia is currenly on the outside looking in, in making the SEC Tournament. The team is currently 8-6, but 3-5 in the conference. Only the top-8 teams make the tournament.

The Bulldogs have 3 games left in the regular season, but only 1 home game which is next Friday at 7:00 pm against Auburn.

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