Pressure Is On

Charles Johnson has played good this season. The problem is good is not great. Charles Johnson has the ability to play great. He has played it in the past. So has the Georgia defense. I talked to Charles Johnson today about the defense and himself and maybe we can see the man who was in this picture shown on the left.

Dave McMahon -- Losing once is tough, losing back-to-back is even tougher... no matter who it is...

Charles Johnson -- You never want to lose a game. We all need to step forward and get it all together.

DM -- What can you do to bounce back?

CJ -- Stop missing tackles and get back to our fundamentals.

DM -- Have you and Quentin Moses talked about the problems you two been having about getting to the quarterback?

CJ -- We've talked about it. We have to improve our scheme and do a lot better. We need to pressure a lot more.

DM -- Is there an individual or indivuals that have been more vocal as of late on defense?

CJ -- Our seniors have. Tony Taylor has, so has Q and Tra (Battle).

DM -- Mississippi State is next week, what do you know about them?

CJ -- I haven't seen much of them yet. I will this week.

DM -- What does "finish the drill" mean to you?

CJ -- Never giving up to the end of the game. Can't let up because you never know. We have to bring that back.

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