Line Drives

Neil Callaway has been Georgia's offensive coordinator/offensive line coach since Mark Richt took over in 2001. This season Georgia's offense has struggled. To make matters worse, the offensive line which is already thin is even thinner. With Mississippi State headed to Athens, I talked to Coach Callaway about the Bulldog offense.

Dave McMahon -- What are the chances that Nick Jones and Chester Adams will play this weekend?

Neil Callaway -- It is too early to tell. We will see.

DM -- How has Ian Smith progressed this week at center?

NC -- He is been doing well. He has been playing center for us for 2 years now.

DM -- I see that Michael Turner will be playing guard this week, is he better suited for tackle or guard?

NC -- He will play wherever we need him. He will start at tight guard this week. He has had some good practices these last 2 days.

DM -- Have you seen some improvements on the Georgia offense lately?

NC -- Overall we looked good in the first half last week. I think it was 40 plays 278 yards in the half. But it is very disappointing that we were not scoring once we got into the redzone. We have gotten better, but we still need to improve.

DM -- Mississippi State has a very experienced defense what can you tell me about them?

NC -- They are very good up front. Their front 7 may be as good as we see all season. They rotate a lot. They are fresh. Their middle linebacker Culberson is outstanding. Number 98 is outstanding and Heard is really good. They have 4-5 players that are really really good.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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