Mississippi St. Week: Tuesday News and Notes

ATHENS - Josh Kendall's news and notes from Georiga's fall practices.

Coach Mark Richt plans to talk to his team later this week about avoiding the kind of brawl that drew national attention in last week's Miami-Florida International game.

And his message comes from an unlikely source - 17-year-old Chris Johnson of Warner Robins, a Northside football player who suffers from leukemia.

Richt was in Macon this summer for a charity golf tournament and was scheduled to meet Johnson, but Johnson didn't feel good enough to attend so Richt skipped the golf tournament and spent the day with Johnson. Monday was Johnson's birthday, and Richt called with well wishes.

"I said, ‘Do you have any words of wisdom for the team?'" Richt said. "He said, ‘They're grown men, they know what to do. They just need to get back to work.' And then he said, ‘Tell them don't do what happened in that Miami-Florida International game. Don't lose your composure; don't lose your cool.' I'm going to make mention of some of his comments."

Johnson was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last year.

"If any of ours guys feel like feeling sorry for themselves or something, they don't have a lot of feel sorry about," Richt said. "Here's a kid who's really struggling with his health, but he's got a really positive attitude."

FACING THE CRITICS: After missing a critical 38-yard field goal attempt against Vanderbilt last week, Andy Bailey expected some negative feedback.

He didn't expect an unprintable message left on his cell phone at 2:30 a.m. Sunday, but that's what he got.

"Apparently somebody go a hold of my phone number," he said.

Bailey didn't let it drop though. He called the "fan" back.

"I called the gentlemen back, and he apologized," Bailey said. "He claims it was one of his friends that did it. He must have been downtown. I think they were drunk when they said it."

THIS AND THAT: Starting cornerback Ramarcus Brown strained his hamstring slightly Monday but expects to play Saturday. … Offensive line coach Neil Callaway confirmed there is a "chance" center Nick Jones will play this week. … For the first time all season, Georgia went through its Tuesday practice without wearing full pads.

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