A Big Play

Kenneth Harris is one of many Bulldog receivers that is frustrated on how the Georgia offense has performed this season. The passing offense is averaging just over 175 yards a game and Kenneth has just 7 receptions this season and 0 touchdowns. In fact all the receivers combined have just 1 TD catch all season. This week I talked to the sophomore about the season so far.

Dave McMahon -- What is the deal with the receivers... hot one day, cold the next, hot, cold, hot, cold...?

Kenneth Harris -- We have to be more consistant. We have to do what we did in the beginning of the Tennessee game. Mohammed caught a big one and so did A.J. We all have to make plays.

DM -- Is the tennis ball machine still out in practice?

KH -- We still use it almost everyday. We use it before and after practice.

DM -- Which wide receiver can catch the tennis balls the best?

KH -- Probably Mike Moore. He's good at it.

DM -- How odd is it that the wide receivers have just one TD catch this season?

KH -- That is something we are supposed to do. We have to make plays to get there and score.

DM -- This group really needs a big play, don't they?

KH -- We need one! That would boost our confidence a lot. We need to blow up!

DM -- With Matthew Stafford you have a good chance for a big play...

KH -- He has such a strong arm. He can probably throw the ball a mile. We as receivers need to catch it.

DM -- Describe how hard he can throw...

KH -- Man... he throws hard. We are somewhat used to it when we D.J. Shockley though.

DM -- This week is a big game vs Mississippi State... what do you remember about playing them last year?

KH -- They have a great defense. Their linebacking crew is one of the best.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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