Playing Time

Asher Allen has played well this season, but the true freshman from Tucker should have even more opportunities this weekend. Due to injuries to Thomas Brown, Asher looks in line to handle kickoff return duties. Add to that Ramarcus Brown may not play will increase Asher's playing time at defensive back. This week I had a chance to talk to a player Georgia fans will see a lot of.

Dave McMahon -- You never want move up due to injuries, but it looks like you will be playing more on defense and special teams this weekend?

Asher Allen -- We just got to get the job done. All of us. In practice we are all getting some reps on defense.

DM -- What are the differences mentally in returning kicks and returning punts?

AA -- Mentally they are the same, although the gunners on punt return get there a lot faster.

DM -- Have you talked to Thomas Brown about kickoff returns?

AA -- Me and him talk about everything.

DM -- You returned both in high school... how many touchdowns on returns do you remember having?

AA -- About 8-9

DM -- On defense, what have you learned the most since you have been at Georgia?

AA -- Technique. The coach understands that most of us are freshmen back there, and he's patient. But my technique is better. Thomas Flowers and Paul Oliver have taught me a lot, too.

DM -- You are pretty fast... who on the team are just as fast?

AA -- If we did 40s... I would say Ramarcus Brown, Mikey Henderson, Tony Wilson, Knowshon Moreno, Prince Miller, Bryan Evans... that is all I am going to say.

DM -- What does the defense need to do to get back?

AA -- Play the whole 60 minutes. We need to "Finish the Drill!" That is our motto we just have to do it again.

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