Tackling the Issue

Ken Shackleford has started 8 games in his career at Georgia. But some of his teammates next to him on the line may be new. Due to some injuries, the guards and center may be different. The line needs to be strong to keep Mississippi State's stingy defense away. The tackle from Villa Rica talked to me about the offensive line situation.

Dave McMahon -- You might be playing with a lot of new players this weekend...

Ken Shackleford -- It has been different this week. I think it will be fine. Michael Turner has been moved to guard. Ian Smith has been at center, but Nick Jones might come back.

DM -- How has practice been going?

KS -- It's been alright. We've made a few mistakes early.

DM -- Is there extra pressure on you and Dan Inman?

KS -- We all have to do what we've got to. We all must play hard.

DM -- Nick Jones was always a big talker, a leader, who has taken his place talking for the line?

KS -- We all are. But Nick is always there.

DM -- Have you ever seen this many injuries or new starters in one week?

KS -- This is kind of freakish. I think I remember something like this my freshman year.

DM -- The offense has many some improvements, but still has a long way to go...

KS -- We have to be more consistant. Not just in spots. We can't miss assignments, we can't miss tackles, we can't drop passes. More consistant.

DM -- Still a lot of football left...

KS -- We do. This is my last year. I want more, starting with Mississippi State.

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