A Big Return

Jeff Owens has started every game this season. Last year he played, but was behind Kedric Golston and Gerald Anderson on the depth chart. Owens has been a vital part of this year's defense. He has just 16 tackles, but has 17 quarterback pressures. That total is good enough for 2nd place on the team. With the Gators game coming up I talked to the Florida native about the big game.

Dave McMahon -- Nice getting a win this past Saturday...

Jeff Owens -- Real nice. It feels real good.

DM -- Now you are playing Florida... did you have any teammates or players you played against that play there?

JO -- There are a lot of them. Ronnie Wilson plays O-Line for them and there a few more. I know a lot of the guys. I took some of my visits with them.

DM -- Any of your friends or classmates...

JO -- Florida is the main school in the state and I went to a prestigous high school, so a lot of the guys go there.

DM -- How do you stop Chris Leak?

JO -- He is a very good quarterback. He has a very strong arm. We will have to put a lot of pressure against him.

DM -- That is something that the defense as a whole has struggled at times doing...

JO -- At times we haven't done it. This game we have to.

DM -- What about Tim Tebow? How do you stop him when you know what is coming?

JO -- He is such a great physical athlete. I think he is 6'3" and is very strong. He is a big guy and he can really run. More pressure.

DM -- It was really cold at practice today... what is the coldest temperature you have ever played in?

JO -- I think last year's Tech game or maybe the Kentucky. I have never seen snow before.

DM -- What is this game going to be like?

JO -- It should be crazy. It will be a very hostile environment.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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