Getting His Swings In

Last season, Gordon Beckham was part of the Freshman All-American team. He hit .280 and belted 12 home runs and drove in 54 runs. The 12 homers trailed just Josh Morris and Joey Side for the team lead and the 54 ribbies was tied for 2nd. Many Dawg fans thought he hit a wall towards the end of the season when he slumped. As the Georgia "World Series" action is going on I talked to him about that.

Dave McMahon -- How are these World Series games going for you and the team?

Gordon Beckham -- I am playing good. I am having good at-bats. The team also looks good. I am really excited. A lot of people are going to say we are rebuilding, but I think we are going to surprise some people.

DM -- Do you consider yourself a contact hitter or a power hitter?

GB -- A little bit of both. I strike out too much to be too much of a contact hitter.

DM -- Towards the end of the year last season, you slumped a little, how do you make sure that doesn't happen again?

GB -- My approach is a lot different. Physically I am bigger. I gained 10 pounds from last year. I weigh 180 now. I am also a lot more mentally prepared from last year.

DM -- What is the offseason like for you?

GB -- I decided not to play in the Cape Cod League this summer. Instead I stayed here and trained and helped out at camps.

DM -- No more Josh Morris, no Joey Side, Jason Jacobs, Bobby Felmy, Kyle Keen...etc, etc, etc... who besides you will supply the power for this team?

GB -- Our freshman catcher, Joey Lewis hits a lot of homers. He has a good approach every at-bat. Robbins can hit, Jake Crane and also Wyatt. There will be a few that can do it.

DM -- Who looks like the front runner to replace your double play partner, Matthew Dunn at second base?

GB -- It will probably go to Mike Freeman. He is good in the field. He is very smooth and we have good chemistry.

DM -- Your father played quarterback at South Carolina, did you two make any side bets when Georgia faced the Gamecocks in football earlier this season?

GB -- I went back to Atlanta and watched the game with him. There were no bets involved, but we did have a good time.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck next season.

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