Sleeper prospect in GA has 1st offer

<b>Seanrick Trimiar</b> is a little known prospect in North Georgia with bigtime potential. He has one big time offer already, and he likes the Dawgs among others.

Seanrick Trimiar - ATH

6-2, 180, 4.5 
Clarkesville, GA - Habersham Central

School Preferences: Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Clemson, and Georgia

  • Offers: Northwestern
  • Junior Stats: 1,024 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns

Profile 2003 - Seanrick Trimiar (ATH)

Seanrick Trimiar (Clarkesville, GA - Habersham Central) is a little known prospect in recruiting circles, but he is not an unknown amongst coaches across the nation. He has already gotten an offer from a team as far away as Northwestern, and he'll likely have a number of offers to choose from before his season is over.

"My only offer so far is from Northwestern," said Trimiar. "I play mostly running back and free safety. I want to be a wide receiver or safety in college though. I'm also a basketball player. I didn't get to go to any camps this summer, but my 5 favorite teams are Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Clemson, and Georgia."

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