Liquid Heat

Joshua Fields dominated last season. The Hull, Georgia native was 3-2 with 15 saves and an ERA of 1.80 and was later named 2nd team All-American. In the summer he pitched in the Cape Cod league where he struck out 27 batters in just 17 2/3 innings. This fall he did not pitch in the Georgia World Series but I did find to talk to the flame thrower and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- You are not pitching in these World Series games, but how much are you throwing?

Joshua Fields -- I just threw some long tosses on the flat ground today. They were from mound distance.

DM -- How was your experience in the Cape Cod league?

JF -- I enjoyed it. There is no place like the south, but it was fun. The exposure you get up there is second to none.

DM -- Entering this season, what do you still think you need to work on?

JF -- My offspeed pitches. I would like to control my breaking pitches better. This way batters won't be sitting on my fastballs as much.

DM -- Even though you haven't been playing in these games, you have been watching them and keeping stats on them... which pitchers have really impressed you this fall?

JF -- Stephen Dodson has looked real good. Jason Leaver has looked real smooth and so has Andrew Turner.

DM -- How different is your new pitching coach Brady Wiederhold compared to last coach Roger Williams?

JF -- I don't know, I haven't worked too much with him.

DM -- Have you talked to him?

JF -- Yes sir. He's a great person. Very high energy.

DM -- How do you replace your set up guy, Rip Warren?

JF -- He will be tough to replace. Especially his experience will be tough. I have confidence in the new guys, but they don't have the same experience.

DM -- Your fastball is constantly being clocked in the mid 90's.... watching the Detroit Tigers, they have guys that are throwing 100 mph or more... does that amaze you?

JF -- They are amazing. To be at 100 is pretty cool. To keep doing it and controlling it is really something else.

DM -- Thank you for your time and we can't wait to see you back on the mound.

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