You Can Go Home Again

Bryan Evans made his first start last weekend vs Mississippi State and he was picked on quite a bit. However, he did tie for the team lead in tackles in that game with 7. Whether he starts this week is uncertain. One thing he is sure of is that he is excited to be playing in a town where he grew up, Jacksonville. This week, I talked to the cornerback about this season and playing in his hometown.

Dave McMahon -- This past weekend was a big learing experience for you...

Bryan Evans -- I got a lot more game experience out there. I learned a lot about game schemes and I had a chance to talk to the coaches more about the game.

DM -- How would you rate your performance out there?

BE -- If I were grading myself, I would give me a C. I am going to be prepared better next time.

DM -- Who has been practicing with the first team this week?

BE -- We have been rotating.

DM -- How excited are you about playing back home?

BE -- Very excited, but I need more tickets.

DM -- Are you trying to get extra from your teammates?

BE -- Yes, but it is hard. It is a big game for everybody.

DM -- Growing up in Jacksonville, did you go to the Georgia / Florida game growing up?

BE -- I had been there, but not in the game itself.

DM -- You also grew up around Tim Tebow.... how long have you two known each other?

BE -- Since I was around 7. We played against each other in Pop Warner ball a few times. I never picked one off from him before, but there is always a first time.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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