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Coming into this season, Georgia had a lot of top talent in skilled positions. If you would ask the fans who a possible team MVP be, you would have lots of answers. One possible MVP would be Brannan Southerland. On this pace he would be the first Georgia fullback to lead its team in scoring since Theron Sapp back in 1957. I talked to him about the season and his role with the Bulldogs.

Dave McMahon -- Another game, another touchdown... what is your role with the Georgia Bulldogs?

Brannan Southerland -- It is a little bit of everything. I am still a blocker, that is my number one responsibility. I also do some short runs and we change it up some using me in other situations.

DM -- Are Kregg Lumpkin and Danny Ware jealous of all the scoring that you do?

BS -- No we want the team to score. Like if they score, I am happy that I probably had something to do with it.

DM -- Is Billy Latsko of Florida a fullback that is most like you?

BS -- I haven't seen too much of him yet.

DM -- What do you know about Florida's defense?

BS -- They are very fast. There linebackers are big and they are very physical. They have a lot of speed in the secondary.

DM -- Tell me about the Georgia offense, little by little they are getting better... but still nowhere near where you want to be...

BS -- We are doing some more things right. But we are still making some small mistakes. We just have to eliminate them.

DM -- Since you have been here, Georgia usually heads into games as favorites, you are an underdog in this game... what do you think about that?

BS -- I don't think of that, that much. I have heard we are 2 touchdown underdogs or something like that. Maybe that puts the pressure on them. I look at it like every other football game I play.

DM -- Growing up in Georgia, how much did you hear about the Georgia / Florida game?

BS -- A lot. It has always been on TV. I didn't know too much about the atmosphere until I played here. It is huge!

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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