Leak has had his way against Dawgs

ATHENS – As stoic as Florida quarterback Chris Leak is, it's a good bet he's at least cracked a smile this week.

The No. 9 Gators senior always seems to have a lot of fun when he plays the Bulldogs. In three starts, Leak is 2-1 against the Bulldogs, and he's widely expected to make it 3-1 Saturday afternoon.

Leak has completed 65 percent of his passes (50-for-77) against Georgia for 590 yards and four touchdowns. He has also rushed for one touchdown, all while throwing no interceptions.

"He's just had a good time with us," Bulldog coach Mark Richt said. "We've just not been able to pressure him enough to make things uncomfortable for him. To think that he would throw a bad ball unless he was pressured would be highly unlikely. Maybe the ball will slip one time and we'll have a chance."

Pressuring Leak is tougher than it sounds, several Georgia defenders say.

"He's got good eyes," linebacker Jarvis Jackson said. "He feels (the rush) coming, and he gets rid of the ball real quick, and they've got a lot quick, three-step drop stuff for him."

Even if Georgia can't bring Leak down, they'll at least try to ruffle his feathers.

"Every quarterback doesn't like to get hit," Jackson said. "I'm pretty sure if we put pressure in his face, he'll flinch and probably do some things he doesn't want to do."

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