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CBS Sports has covered more Georgia games live than any other network over the past few years. This year Gary Danielson has joined the team and the coverage continues to excell. Gary uses his knowledge from his 11 NFL seasons and many years of broadcasting in each telecast. Saturday, he along with Verne Lundquist and Tracy Wolfson will cover the Georgia/Florida game. This week I talked to Gary.

Dave McMahon -- How has working with CBS and covering the SEC this season been?

Gary Danielson -- I knew it would be good, but I didn't realize it would be this good. I guess I can compare it to the Michigan / Ohio State rivalry. But there are 6 or more teams that have 4 games like that. For example, Georgia has to beat Tennessee, beat Florida, beat Auburn... The league has 24 Michigan / Ohio State games.

DM -- Which player that you have seen so far are you most impressed with?

GD -- Reggie Nelson of Florida. I saw him practice this spring and thought he had a slight build and that he was more like a corner than a safety. He is the most dominant player I have seen this year.

DM -- When you played in the NFL you played with former Bulldogs, Horace King and Ulysses Norris... what did you remember about them?

GD -- Horace was a true student of the game. He knew his position and he knew other teammates' assignments as well. He and Earnest Byner were the most dependable players I played with. Ulysses had such a good body. He never knew how good he could be. I think if we used a H back we could have used him more. There was another former Bulldog, Craig Hertwig that I played with. He always talked about going back to Athens.

DM -- What about this year's Georgia team... what do you see?

GD -- I think they got so used to Greene and Shockley. People don't realize how good they had it. It takes awhile for a coach to connect with his quarterback.

DM -- Any Georgia player you really like?

GD -- Charles Johnson. The more I watch him, the more I like him. He is more than a normal player. First time you see him he is better, first he is good, then he is more, he is great. Everytime he moves up a notch.

DM -- Do you remember the last game you have done in Athens?

GD -- I don't quite remember, but it was back when Ray Goff was coach. The last Georgia game I did overall was that crazy Georgia/Georgia Tech game in Atlanta. The high scoring one in '99 with Randy McMichael and Quincy Carter.

DM -- What do you remember about Athens?

GD -- Everything was Bulldogs. Everything felt right.

DM -- Thank you for your time and let's hope you get back to Athens real soon.

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