Some Things You May Not Know

Georgia is still having a hard time putting together a complete game. Sometimes it's the 1st half that looks good, sometimes it's the 2nd half. Sometimes it's the offense, sometimes the defense, sometimes it's the special teams. The Bulldogs have already lost to 1 team they did not expect to, with Kentucky ahead they don't want to make it 2. Here are some more news and notes that you might like.

Here is the breakdown of the running backs this season...

Kregg Lumpkin -- 98 rushes, 518 yards, 4 TD... 12 receptions, 65 yards... 1 kickoff return, 11 yards... 111 total touches, 4 TD

Thomas Brown -- 62 attempts, 256 yards, 1 TD... 7 receptions, 71 yards... 15 kickoff returns, 379 yards, 1 TD... 84 total touches, 706 yards, 2 TD

Danny Ware -- 47 rushes, 210 yards, 2 TD... 10 receptions, 139 yards... 2 kickoff returns, 30 yards... 59 total touches, 379 yards, 2 TD

Brannan Southerland -- 41 total touches, 7 TD


Here is the pass distribution so far...

To the WR... 65 receptions (50.4%)

To the TE... 20 receptions (15.5%)

To the RB... 43 receptions (33.3%)

To the QB... 1 recepiton (00.8%) --------------------------------------------

With Matthew Stafford catching his own pass vs Florida on Saturday, it makes the 2nd straight game vs the Gators where a Georgia Quarterback caught a pass. Joe Tereshinski III's was for a touchdown.


This was also 5 stright years where the Georgia / Florida game was decided by 7 or less points. This was also the 34th time when that has happen. No other time has this happened 5 straight years. It only happened 4 straight years one other time from 1972 to 1975. Georgia was 3-1 in those contests. In this current streak, Georgia is 1-4.

The last 5 times, Georgia has faced Kentucky they won by an average of 27.8 points.


Last year vs Kentucky, Danny Ware ran for a 52-yard touchdown. It is still the longest TD run by a Bulldog in the 2000's.

Also in the game, D.J. Shockley threw for 4 TD passes. So far this season, not one of the 3 quarterbacks that have played for the Dawgs this season has thrown for 4 all season.


Tony Taylor has picked off 4 passes this season. In his first 3 seasons, Taylor had just 3 interceptions. He has 4 of the teams 8 interceptions this season. The last non-defensive back to lead Georgia in interceptions was Chris Clemons when he tied for the team lead back in 1993. The last time a non-defensive back lead the team by himself was in 1987 when Vince Guthrie led the Bulldogs.


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