Movin' On Up

Dale Dixson has been riddled with injuries ever since he arrived to Athens. You might remember he even practiced at center one day, but decided to go back to defense. His last game against Florida, he had one of his best games yet. The senior from Texas had 3 tackles and as I looked up at the practice fields today, I noticed his was moved up to first string. After practice I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- In that Florida game, they ran some crazy reverses and options, did they have one of the most complex offenses you've seen?

Dale Dixson -- One of them. The had lots of options. They kept trying to stretch us out and beat us outside. They had some good players.

DM -- Georgia's defense has struggled in the 2nd half lately, it looks like against Florida... the defense got a little better...

DD -- It felt kind of good. We made some big plays in the second half. We gained more confidence in ourselves.

DM -- About how many plays did you play against Florida?

DD -- About 20 plays.

DM -- Was that the most you have played this season?

DD -- I play about 20-30 plays a game.

DM -- Was this your best game individually?

DD -- One of them.

DM -- When did you learn that you moved to first string?

DD -- In our meeting before practice.

DM -- How did you practice today?

DD -- I think I did good.

DM -- You are a senior and there are not too many games left, what has been your best time with this team?

DD -- Just being out there with my teammates and building relationships.

DM -- Do you remember when you first got here as a freshman?

DD -- It was weird. It was different. I didn't know anybody.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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