A Little Moore

Mike Moore came to Georgia as the 40th top wide receiver prospect in the nation. Last year it looked like he was going to contribute, but the Dawgs redshirted him instead. This year he has been fighting for playing time and he keeps getting a little more. Last Saturday he caught his first career pass. Maybe this is just the start. On Monday I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- I know it was hard losing the game, but you have to feel a little good because you caught your first pass...

Mike Moore -- That part felt great especially since my mother was there. That was the 2nd game she has been to this year. The first one and this one. I am happy she got to see it.

DM -- What was the play?

MM -- It was a simple flag route.

DM -- Have you been getting more reps at practice lately?

MM -- I have been getting a little more. I try to step it up in practice and if I do I will play more.

DM -- You mentioned your mother... any other family members at the game?

MM -- My mother was the only family member, but I had a few friends from back home come up.

DM -- How much talk is there in the meeting rooms about the drops by the wide receivers?

MM -- We are talking about it. We know we can catch the ball. We have done it in practice and in games. We just have to do it.

DM -- What have you improved on the most since you got to Georgia?

MM -- My work ethic. When I first got here, I treated it a little like high school. High school is easy since I was one of the stars. I realized I had to practice harder here. I have a better work ethic now.

DM -- What does the offense need to do to get back on track... especially the wide receivers?

MM -- We need a spark. We had one at times against Tennessee with Mo-Mass catching one and A.J. Bryant catching one, but we need more sparks and that can start something big.

DM -- Maybe you can start the spark...

MM -- That is what I want to do.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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