Running Down

Georgia's offense has struggled for the majority of the season. It has shown flashes of greatness at times and has looked dazed and confused in others. The running game used to be a Georgia strength and the Dawgs need to get it back in order to win games again. This week I talked to Kregg Lumpkin about the running game and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- In the last few games, the running game has struggled a lot at the start of the game... why is that?

Kregg Lumpkin -- Defenses have been focussing on our running game more. We just got to react to it quicker and play like we know how to.

DM -- It is always hard to get over a loss, how do you deal with it?

KL -- I think about the opportunities and mistakes that we had and how to correct them. But then you got to let it go and start focussing on the next game.

DM -- People talk about certain drills for wide receivers do to prevent drops, are there drills for running backs to prevent fumbles?

KL -- Coach Ball makes us run a lot of drills such as running through the blaster and he makes sure we run with the ball high and tight.

DM -- Towards the end of the year, last year you personally seemed to switch gears, are we about to see the best of you again?

KL -- I just got to produce more.

DM -- What do you remember about playing against Kentucky?

KL -- They are very physical. They are very big up front.

DM -- This season is not over for Georgia... what do you have to do in order to turn it around?

KL -- We need to make less mistakes. We had too many against Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Florida. Offensively we also need to score more touchdowns in the red zone.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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