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The Georgia defense has looked good at times and bad. Lately the 2nd half of games has been a disaster from Tennessee to Vanderbilt. This last game the Georgia defense played better in the second half. They allowed 0 points to the Gator offense during the last 30 minutes. Today I had a chance to talk to Tra Battle about the Bulldog defense and a lot more.

Dave McMahon -- Was the Florida offense the most complex offense you have seen so far?

Tra Battle -- Not really. They do a lot of the same plays, but they run it through different formations. They try to confuse people with all of there motions. We expect all of their motions because we saw them on films.

DM -- The 2nd half of the Florida game, there seemed to be some improvement, do you think so?

TB -- We still made mistakes. We need to play a full game, not half.

DM -- You have Kentucky coming up, what do you know about them?

TB -- They have one of the top offenses in the SEC. They are good.

DM -- Andre' Woodson is a big quarterback... 6'5", 235 pounds... is it harder to defend the big powerful quarterbacks or the faster smaller ones?

TB -- The smart ones are the hardest. It doesn't matter if you are big or small.

DM -- Who is the largest player you have tackled?

TB -- Probably Ben Watson a few years back in practice.

DM -- You lost against Vanderbilt a few games back... they are not a traditionally tough team, neither is Kentucky... how do you make sure you don't take teams like this lightly?

TB -- They are still an SEC team. An SEC team is capable on beating anybody.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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