On Guard

Michael Turner has done something this season that he has never done before... start a game. The senior now has 3 starts and is slated to start another one this Saturday as Georgia faces Kentucky. The near 300-pounder came to Georgia as a tight end and has also practiced at center, guard and tackle. This week he will start at guard replacing Chester Adams. Today I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- What is it like starting now after being 2nd and 3rd string for all these years?

Michael Turner -- It is great starting, but it is the same. You have to prepare each week the same. I still have to work hard to keep my status. I don't want to lose it.

DM -- You were at tackle earlier this year, but now you are starting at guard... is there a big difference?

MT -- The biggest difference is that I am going against bigger guys. On the outside my opponents are much quicker, inside they are more physical.

DM -- Changing positions should not be new to you... you came to Georgia as a tight end... how big were you back then?

MT -- I weighed about 240-245 pounds.

DM -- What do you weigh now?

MT -- About 290

DM -- What has Coach Callaway been saying about how you have been playing?

MT -- He said I have been OK, but I have some improving to do.

DM -- What teammate currently or in the past... have you learned the most from?

MT -- I would say it was Kedric Golston. Just all the things he went through. I remember in high school he had the really bad leg injury, but he kept his positive attitude and he is now starting in the NFL.

DM -- What do you know about Kentucky's defense?

MT -- They are physical but also very fast. We have to be ready.

DM -- Reading your bio, it says you were also a pitcher at Brookwood, have you ever faced anyone on Georgia's baseball team before?

MT -- I don't think so, but I did face Jeff Francoeur when he was at Parkview?

DM -- How did you do against him?

MT -- I did pretty good.

DM -- Do you think anyone on the football team could hit off you on the baseball field?

MT -- No... I'd strike everyone out.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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