Ware To Find Him

Danny Ware has done a lot of things for the Bulldogs. He has almost 1,400 career rushing yards, over 300 receiving and he has blocked and protected when needed. He has also been and upback on kickoff returns, but last week he actually got to return some. Due to injury of Thomas Brown and the uncertainity of Asher Allen, Danny was the man back there. This week I talked to him about that and more.

Dave McMahon -- Did Coach Ball tell you to go back and return kicks last week or did you volunteer?

Danny Ware -- Coach Ball put me back there... I have been the upback during the season, but he told me I was returning kicks.

DM -- How would you say you did?

DW -- I was OK... the first one I think I was terrible, but the second one I did better.

DM -- Is this another way to make sure all of the backs get more touches?

DW -- Maybe

DM -- When was the last time you returned kicks?

DW -- I did it in practice a few times, but I haven't done it in a game since high school.

DM -- Did you ever return one the distance in high school?

DW -- I did about 4-5 a year.

DM -- Speaking of touchdowns, does it seem forever since your last one?

DW -- Seems like it. I almost had one against Florida. I slipped a little and didn't hit my fake hard enough.

DM -- What does this offense need to do to get back in gear?

DW -- To wake up earlier in the game. Everyone understands what we have to do. We just have to do it and make plays.

DM -- What does Georgia still have to play for?

DW -- For a bowl... for our pride... and just to win... we are not used to losing.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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