Stafford's arm becoming legendary

ATHENS – It was Matthew Stafford's 27th pass of the Florida game, and the only reason most people might remember it a week later is it was dropped by tight end Martrez Milner.

That's not what quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo remembers, though. Stafford, Georgia's true freshman, was being chased by a Florida defender who was right in his face and blocking the path to Milner. Rather than taking a sack or throwing the ball away, Stafford, while running to his right, dropped his throwing hand sidearm and flipped the ball on a line 30 yards down the field, where it hit a sprinting Milner directly in the hands before falling to the turf.

"It was a pretty freaky throw," said Bobo, after seeing it on tape.

That throw, and others like it, are the reason the Bulldogs are willing to let Stafford keep making mistakes that end up in turnovers. No other quarterback on their team, and not many in the country, can make the kind of throws Stafford can make.

"There's a fine line with a guy who can make plays," Bobo said. "A lot of guys can't make that throw. It's one of those, ‘No, no, no, yes,' throws. Then there are times you're, ‘No, no, no,' and the defense gets the pick."

Stafford had nine interceptions and just three touchdown passes this season.

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