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COLUMBUS – Dean Legge's thoughts on Georgia commitment Bruce Figgins.

In his current form Bruce Figgins is not what I think of when I think about college football tight ends – particularly ones at Georgia. This is due mainly to his lack of size compared to Georgia tight ends like Martrez Milner, Leonard Pope, Ben Watson, Randy McMichael, Jermiane Wiggins and Larry Brown. But those guys were monsters – NFL players all – and they immediately struck you when you saw them.

Figgins does not have that sort of size, but I was very impressed with his ability to block. Ideally, a high school tight end can be used as a third offensive tackle – and I think Shaw does that very well with Figgins. I was impressed with his ability to create holes for his running back. It should be noted that during the game I attended Figgins was going up against an undersized defensive end. Still, he was giving his running back time to hit the hole. Often the Raiders would use Figgins as a lead blocker or sorts, and that worked well.

Figgins seems like a natural pass catcher. In fact, you can hear assistant coaches in the background screaming for the quarterback to get him the ball on one particular play. In the one ball thrown to him, Figgins shows that he knows where to sit in a zone and wait for a pass to be delivered to him. I know Shaw would like to get Figgins the ball more, and they may choose to do so in the playoffs, but on this night they seemed content to have him leading the way by blocking. And considering the way they were running it that was the correct call.

Figgins is going to have to either grow a little more or add weight to be the prototypical college tight end. The knock on him will be his size – even though as a human being he is not small – and that can be worked on. Figgins has pretty good speed – not earth shattering, but enough.

It's very hard not to compare every tight end Georgia recruits to those before them, but I will admit: it is not fair to compare Figgins now to, say, Ben Watson now or even Watson in college. Still, in the rough and tumble world of college football, size matters and that's something he is going to have to work on.

NOTE: The video below is NOT a highlight reel. It is about 40% of the downs Figgins played – specifically the ones he was involved in. I think it is a little more realistic way of seeing what a high school player is like.

Bruce Figgins vs. Kendrick

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