The Captain

Drew Williams is listed as a free safety on the Georgia roster. But it is the special teams where he stars at. This season he has 10 tackles which is more than the total that CJ Byrd, Kade Weston, Darius Dewberry or Marcus Washington have. This week Coach Richt named him the special teams captain and also this week I talked to the Drew.

Dave McMahon -- What does it mean to you being named captain?

Drew Williams - It was a shock. That was the last thing I expected. It is an honor. I have to make sure not to have a let down game.

DM -- Was the Florida game, your best game individually?

DW -- One of them.

DM -- What kind of player does it take to play special teams?

DW -- They usually call us crazy.

DM -- How many defensive plays have you got in this year?

DW - None this year.

DM -- You had an interception in the 2005 G-Day game, do you remember who threw it?

DW -- Joe T

DM -- Describe what it is like on the opening kickoff of the game when the crowd is going crazy...

DW -- It is my favorite play. The opening kickoff or after Georgia scores our crowd is just goes crazy.

DM -- ... and after you make a tackle...

DW -- It is awesome. Coach Fabris just gets so fired up, but if you mess up he'll let you have it.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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