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Kris Durham caught two passes in his first game and caught his third in the third game of the season. But in his next four games he had zero catches and many thought he had hit a wall. However he did finally catch another pass against Mississippi State and another two last week vs Kentucky. Now with injuries in the receiver position it looks like he will have more chances. Monday I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- Did you get a little more reps last week vs Kentucky then in some previous games?

Kris Durham -- I think they had me at about 23 plays. It is a bit more than I was. I just have to prepared no matter what.

DM -- Were you practicing at 2nd string today?

KD -- I rotated in and out like I normally do. I might have had more due to Mario Raley and Demiko Goodman's injuries.

DM -- Now that you have played almost a full season, looking back do you think you should have redshirted?

KD -- I learned a lot this season. I got a lot of good game experience. I think this experience will help me in the long run.

DM -- What did you learn the most this season?

KD -- I learned how much more I have to work. I need to get bigger, stronger and faster.

DM -- On a scale from 1-100 how much harder is college than high school?

KD -- 90 or even more. The defensive backs are so much better. They are so much quicker and now all the plays.

DM -- Do you feel like you hit a wall?

KD -- A little. It was rough with practices and my school work. It was a lot. I needed to get my confidence back. I have to push through.

DM -- When you what happened to Mario Raley in the game last week what goes through your mind?

KD -- You don't think about things like that happening. You know they will, it does happen. He will bounce back as soon as he can.

DM -- How much do the turnovers hurt this offense?

KD -- It hurts a lot. We have to protect the ball better and limit the turnovers.

DM -- Besides that do you think the offense is making any strides?

KD -- We are starting to get some flow. But it is those mistakes, but I think we are on the right track.

DM -- Thank you for your answers and your time.

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