Role With It

Ray Gant has had to struggle through injuries all season, but he is still out there fighting everyday. Like most Bulldog fans, he is not happy how the season is going. On Monday I asked the senior about how he is dealing with it and a lot more.

Dave McMahon -- With Georgia losing this much, you have to be very disappointed... describe your emotions...

Ray Gant -- I am very frustrated. I have never been apart of something like this. We haven't given up yet. I have to keep motivated and get others motivated. It is easier when you are flying high. This is really testing our character.

DM -- Being a senior are you being more vocal now more than ever?

RG -- I am trying to be. Guys like Quentin Moses and Tony Taylor are vocal, but not that much, they are more about following their actions. I have to do more.

DM -- Why isn't this team finishing the drill like it used to?

RG -- Don't know. It hurts a lot what is happening. I just got to do my part. I don't point fingers. We win as a team and we lose as a team.

DM -- You still have two rivals left in Auburn and Georgia Tech, what else do you have to play for?

RG -- Pride. Some people might have given up on us and might not come back. I want to win. We are Georgia Bulldogs and until someone else wins it we are the SEC Champions.

DM -- Kenny Irons is having another great season... what makes him so special?

RG -- He runs north-south. He is not that big and he runs north-south. He has a big heart and squares his shoulders and runs over people.

DM -- Does it feel strange that your career at Georgia will end real soon?

RG -- It is real strange. I talked to Coach Richt earlier about that last week. I realize my time is ending the is why I have to keep going and do my best.

DM -- Do you remember your first practice when you were a freshman?

RG -- It was back in '02 and me and Dale Dixson went through freshman camp. It was so tough I thought I was going to die. My first game was in '03 vs Clemson. It was real hot, but it was great being out there.

DM -- How do you want Georgia fans to remember you as?

RG -- Someone that was reliable and did whatever had to be done. A team player.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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