Mr. President... Mr. President

Happy Election Day! No matter what your choice is today, you have a choice. I know the presidential election is not for another 2 years, but I decided to choose US Presidents in this article. We come from many different areas for me to choose other positions. So here is a look at names by US Presidents that are shared by current and former Georgia Bulldog football players.

George Washington -- We have 3 Georgia players named Washington including current linebacker Marcus Washington. Maybe Richard Appleby should have ran for office with Gene Washington. That pair always seemed to work.

John Adams -- Once again 4 players including current Dawg Chester Adams.

Thomas Jefferson -- No players named Jefferson, but a few whose last name was Thomas... most recently fullback Jeremy Thomas.

James Madison -- Remember Charles Madison... played in the early 50's.

James Monroe -- No Monroe's, but a lot whose first name is James, but one whose last name is James... Randy James in 1979.

John Quincy Adams -- See Adams from above... if I had to choose another Adams, I will go with Scott Adams... former Dawg and NFL offensive lineman.

Andrew Jackson -- Many Jackson's to choose from... I will choose James Jackson... starting quarterback in the 1980's.

Martin Van Buren -- Robert Van Buren from the 1950's fits there... I thought I might had to use a Van Buren Boys reference from Seinfeld there.

William Henry Harrison -- 4 of them, including the former captain... Glynn Harrison... here's a fact about Glynn you might not know... he averaged more yards per attempt than Herschel Walker... 6.37 to 5.29.

John Tyler -- No Tyler's... although there is a Tyler that works in Georgia's Sports Communication Department. I know big-time stretch.

James Polk -- Once again... more struggling... James K. Polk's middle name was Knox... good ole' tackle master Knox Culpepper.

Zachary Taylor -- Tony Taylor fits as well as his father Nate.

Millard Fillmore -- No lie Georgia had a player named Millard Fillmore Carter back in 1939.

Franklin Pierce -- Brooke Pierce back on Georgia's first national championship team back in 1942.

James Buchanan -- Once again I will use a mulligan and use the one I used for James Monroe.

Abraham Lincoln -- No Lincoln's, No Abraham's... the closest I could find was John Desmond Abram... honest.

Andrew Johnson -- How about Andy Johnson... and that big win he led against Tennesee in Neyland Stadium back in 1973.

Ulysses S. Grant -- Charles Grant is not from the north, but he works there.

Rutherford B. Hayes -- A few of them, but how about the manager of the 1923 team, Zach C. Hayes... Zach if you are reading this, you owe me one.

James Garfield -- Good Ole' Randy James... that is 3 times I have used him already. I bet he never thought he'd be used this much in an article.

Chester Arthur -- Two Arthur's Matthew and Matthew R. Arthur.

Grover Cleveland -- Brian Cleveland... solid captain back in late 80's.

Benjamin Harrison -- No Benjamin's, but another Harrison was Arnold the linebacker... maybe it is all about the Harrison's.

Grover Cleveland -- Man Super Grover... another Cleveland was Robert back in 1957. A lot of you readers thought I would go Cleveland Gary... well I didn't.

William McKinley -- No McKinley's, but Georgia has had 10 players with McK as their first 3 letters including Zeb McKinzey.

Theodore Roosevelt -- No last names, but I think Roosevelt T. Day works fine.

William H. Taft -- No Taft's... Rumor has it that he was the heaviest US President... what ever happened to Alex Vega?

Woodrow Wilson -- Plenty of Wilsons... and Georgia did have a player whose first name was Woodrow, Woodrow Brown in 1939 to 1940... thanks Woody.

Warren Harding -- No Hardings, but there was a Hardin... Nat Hardin... that should be close enough.

Calvin Coolidge -- No luck there either, I did ask Brannan Southerland today if he would change his name to Coolidge for an article of mine, he said no.

Herbert Hoover -- I can use Herbert S. Maffett, All Southern-Conference End back in 1930.

Franklin D. Roosevelt -- I used my Roosevelt card earlier... I will use Neal Franklin.

Harry Truman -- Unfortunately the president which Fletch's parents were big fans of does not share a last name with a Dawg... I will use Harry Babcock since he was named All-SEC twice.

Dwight D. Eisenhower -- I liked Ike, but the parents of future Georgia Bulldogs did not.

John F. Kennedy -- Bob Kennedy, no word if he knew Marilyn Monroe.

Lyndon Johnson -- There are a lot, I will go with Moose Johnson, the alternate captain back in the 1940's. Why was Moose just an alternate?

Richard Nixon -- Tricky Dick does not share a last name, but there were 3 Nix's, including Sidney J. Nix. He played over a hundred years ago, way back in 1901 and 1902.

Gerald Ford -- A few of those including Glenn Ford.

Jimmy Carter -- Quincy Carter comes to mind.

Ronald Reagan -- No Reagan's as a last name... I will use Peach County's own Regan Torbert.

George H.W. Bush -- I will use another Bush later... but when I have the chance I will always use Herschel Walker as the H.W.

Bill Clinton -- No Clinton's... how about if I use Robert Hope, as in Hope, Arkansas, the president's birthplace.

George W. Bush -- Now I will use the Bush's last name... Georgia's had 2... Jackson and Marion.

If you didn't like this article, oh well, at least you now know the order of the US Presidents.

Also I realize there are many other managers, trainers, coaches or walk-ons that might have shared names... I did not have a complete list of those.

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