Back On The Line

Chester Adams has been battling injuries the last few weeks. But he is back now and feels fine, but he might not have a choice, the offensive line is pretty banged up. With Auburn coming up he has to be better than ever. The Tigers are 4th in the nation in scoring defense and 13th in the nation in total defense. On Tuesday I had a chance to talk to the Big Cheese.

Dave McMahon -- How are you feeling now?

Chester Adams -- I feel a whole lot better this week.

DM -- What happened last week with your injury?

CA -- I re-aggrevated my ankle injury. I did the proper re-hab and I think I am better now.

DM -- When was the last time the offensive line has been completely healthy?

CA -- It feels like it has been a long time.

DM -- How important is it to have all of you healthy?

CA -- The offensive line is very important... you need it for running and passing... the whole offense needs to run in sync with each other.

DM -- What do you remember about the Auburn game last year?

CA -- It was such a close game. It was very tough. We had big plays, they had big plays, they just had one more.

DM -- You grew up in Alabama... were most of the people around you Auburn fans or Alabama fans?

CA -- It was close, but I think Auburn had a little more.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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