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Danny Verdun-Wheeler has been bounced back and forth all season. He started, then he was 2nd string, then started, then 3rd string, now he is starting again. He has 26 career starts. To his credit the senior has always had a positive attitude and just wants to help out with whatever he can do. This week I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- You had a lot more playing time last week vs Kentucky, must have made you feel good...

Danny Verdun-Wheeler -- As long as I can contribute. If the coach puts me on special teams instead and I can contribute, fine. I just want Georgia to win. I want the coaches to put the best guys on the field.

DM -- How hard has it been the last few weeks?

DVW -- It has been very hard. I have never experienced losing on any level.

DM -- You don't get a break with Auburn either?

DVW -- You know they won't overlook us. It is a rivalry and it is always a tough game.

DM -- How much did you know about the rivalry when you came here?

DVW -- I heard a lot about Auburn, Florida and Georgia Tech. Those games are always big. Each year we have played Auburn it has been very tough.

DM -- What makes their running back Kenny Irons so special?

DVW -- His heart. He just wants to run over you and score.

DM -- What about Brandon Cox?

DVW -- He doesn't make mistakes anymore. Last year at times he played a little scared, but not now... the Auburn offense doesn't let him. They execute great.

DM -- You are a senior now, what do you remember about your first day of practice during your freshman year?

DVW -- I was like... how am I going to compete with these guys. I just watched these guys play in the Sugar Bowl and now I was playing with them. It was crazy.

DM -- How do you want to be remembered as a Georgia player?

DVW -- As a hard worker. Someone you can always trust. Someone that would stay positive.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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