Strickland to enroll early and can't wait

Tanner Strickland, a 2007 commit, discusses his plans on arriving in Athens in order to prepare for the 2007 football season.

Quentin Grant: Tanner I know you finished your season on Friday night. What was your final record on the year?

Tanner Strickland: We finished 3-7.

Grant: So now that high school football is over for you; where do you go from here as far as preparing yourself to go to Georgia?

Strickland: Now all I have to do is stay in shape and try to get into better shape. We finished up on Friday so I'll probably take off Monday and Tuesday of this week to let my body rest a little bit and then start back Wednesday. I think I'm going to work out with the wrestling team so that should help to keep me no schedule.

Grant: Isn't the plan to enroll early at Georgia?

Strickland: Yes, I'm definitely enrolling early.

Grant: So basically all you have to do is stay in shape until Christmas and then you will start school at Georgia in January?

Strickland: Yeah they will take hold of me in January I guess.

Grant: Have you been in touch with the Georgia coaches lately?

Strickland: I talked to Coach Callaway earlier this week and that was just a little check in to see how everything was going.

Grant: What do the coaches say about enrolling early, are they excited?

Strickland: They said back when I committed during my junior season that it was good to come in early because I could get some classes out of the way and get my schedule set. They said it was the best way because I would be going through spring practice and would probably have a chance to earn some playing time as a true freshman if I don't get redshirted. It will give me four of five months to work out and get used to things up there instead of having to do that in the fall.

Grant: With Georgia having such a young offensive line next year and your early enrollment do you feel you have a good chance of earning some playing time next year?

Strickland: I'm hoping so, but they do have a lot of commits coming in and some juco guys…I think I have a pretty good shot of it right now really. I think Trinton Sturdivant is planning on enrolling early, so I'm hoping that will work to my benefit.

Grant: Is your attitude one that you really want to work towards playing time you're as a true freshman?

Strickland: I'm trying to get out there as soon as I can.

Grant: What are you feelings on being red shirted if you have to?

Strickland: If they decide to redshirt me it's because they will do whatever they think fits. I have four years to play.

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