Mimbs The Word

Most of the time, the only time when people pay attention to the holder if he does a bad job. The position is very thank-less. A few Georgia fans have heard of Brian Mimbs. Well, thanks to a few injuries, the sophomore from Dublin, Georgia will be that holder. This week I had a chance to talk to the man who will be playing in his first college game and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- Have you even been a holder before?

Brian Mimbs -- Not until this summer. I have been holding in practice all fall.

DM -- Are you nervous?

BM -- I am more anxious. I know what I have to do.

DM -- Are you also kicking off?

BM -- No, Andy Bailey is still doing that.

DM -- Have you ever been in a game at Georgia?

BM -- No, this will be my first time playing.

DM -- Will you have any family at the game?

BM -- My mother and my 2 brothers.

DM -- You came here as a punter, what is the longest punt you have kicked?

BM -- I only kicked during my senior year. I don't remember how far. I was always the placekicker.

DM -- Then how far is your longest field goal you have kicked?

BM -- I think it was 45 yards.

DM -- Does it help having Gordon Ely-Kelso as the kicker since he was the former holder and can probably help you in certain areas?

BM -- Gordon is not picky. He wants the laces out like everyone else.

DM -- Who is the most famous holder in NFL history?

BM -- I have no idea.

DM -- Is that because it is one of those unsung jobs that usually gets no credit?

BM -- Probably

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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