Taylor Made

The Georgia defense has been very hot at times this season, but it also has been very cold. One player that has been pretty solid all season is Tony Taylor. The senior has been lighting it up especially lately. Tony has had an interception in each of the last 4 games. He is 1 of 4 linebackers in the nation that has 5 or more for the season. This week I talked to him about the upcoming Auburn game.

Dave McMahon -- Can we call you Mr. Interception, what is with all of these interceptions?

Tony Taylor -- It is luck. I am in the right place.

DM -- Have you ever this many interceptions in a season before?

TT -- No, I don't think so.

DM -- Maybe the rest of the defense needs to follow your lead, what has been the problem with the defense?

TT -- We are making too many mistakes. The whole team is. We sometimes have a good offense and the defense is bad. Sometimes we have a good defense and the offense is bad. We are rarely on the same page this season. We need to play a complete game. I wish I can trade all of my stats this season to be undefeated.

DM -- And now you face Auburn, what makes them so good?

TT -- Kenny Irons... he makes the team go.

DM -- Is it hard to believe that your Georgia career is almost over?

TT -- Not really. It feels like I have been here a long time. I have had many great memories here.

DM -- Do you remember your first practice here?

TT -- No, not really.

DM -- What about your first game?

TT -- It was against Clemson. I came in because Thomas Davis got hurt a little. I didn't expect to get in so soon.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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