Some Things You Might Not Know

What can I say... If you predicted that Georgia would lose to Vanderbilt and Kentucky, but defeat Auburn than you are a better fan than I. Then again it has happened before. Back in 1973, Georgia lost to both in back-to-back weeks and later on defeated Auburn. They also defeated the Yellow Jackets that year. Will it happen again? I don't know, but here are some more things you might not know.

Here are the 3 running backs and there total touches...

Kregg Lumpkin -- 132 rushes, 708 yards, 5 TD... 15 receptions, 103 yards, 1 TD... 1 kickoff return, 11 yards... 148 total touches, 822 yards, 6 TD

Danny Ware -- 64 rushes, 261 yards, 3 TD... 12 receptions, 165 yards... 2 kickoff returns, 30 yards... 78 total touches, 456 yards, 3 TD

Thomas Brown -- 62 rushes, 256 yards, 1 TD... 7 receptions, 71 yards... 15 kickoff returns, 379 yards, 1 TD... 84 total touches, 706 yards, 2 TD

Brannan Southerland -- 53 total touches, 9 TD


And here is the pass distibution...

To the WR... 83 receptions (52.2%)

To the TE... 27 receptions (17.0%)

To the RB... 48 receptions (30.2%)

To the QB... 1 reception (00.6%)


Tra Battle showed up and showed up BIG against Auburn on Saturday. According to the Georgia media guide it was the 4th time that a Georgia Bulldog has had 3 interceptions in a game...

The others...

Terry Hoage vs Vanderbilt in 1982 (Georgia won 27-13)

Jeff Hipp vs Georgia Tech in 1979 (Georgia won 16-3)

Joe Jackura vs Alabama in 1948 (Georgia won 35-0)


Georgia is now 13-9-2 at Auburn... remember the game was played in Columbus 39 times. Here are some more win totals the Bulldogs have in opponents' cities.

29 wins in Atlanta vs Georgia Tech

22 wins in Lexington vs Kentucky

21 wins in Nashville vs Vanderbilt

18 wins in Columbia vs South Carolina

9 wins in Clemson vs well... Clemson

8 wins in Knoxville vs Tennessee

8 wins in Oxford vs Ole Miss

4 wins in Starkville vs Mississippi State

4 wins in Baton Rouge vs LSU

1 win in Tuscaloosa vs Alabama

1 win in Gainesville vs Florida


A lot of you are comparing Eric Zeier's freshman season to Matthew Stafford... OK Stafford has a lot fewer TD passes and a lot more interceptions than Zeier did back in 1991...

But as starters both defeated Auburn and both Georgia teams scored 37 points...

The bad news is that both lost to Vanderbilt their freshmen year.

Will Matthew Stafford put up numbers like Eric Zeier when his collegiate career?

That is even something that I don't know...

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