Big Man on Campus

Rashaad Singleton began his season last week doing something he has never done before... score in double figures as he brought home 14 points. It also helped that the 7-footer also made his first collegiate start. Once just a defensive player, Singleton looks to score more as the Bulldogs play Western Kentucky on Tuesday in Athens. Today I talked to the rising sophomore about his improved game.

Dave McMahon -- How would you rate your first game of the season?

Rashaad Singleton -- I did good. I played physical and ran the floor well. I have been concentrating on that a lot.

DM -- This season is there more of an emphasis on offense for you?

RS -- Absolutely. I want to be known for both offense as well, instead of just defense.

DM -- This Tuesday, Georgia plays Western Kentucky, what do you remember about them from playing them last season?

RS -- I remember having a lot of turnovers. We need to take care of the ball a lot better.

DM -- Coach Felton coached at Western Kentucky, I know you want to win all the games, but does the team want to win this one a little more for the coach?

RS -- We want to win it for him and for us.

DM -- What have you improved the most from last season?

RS -- My endurance. Last year I would get tired early in games.

DM -- You seem bigger, too...

RS -- I am 260 pounds now, when I came to school here I was about 240.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

RS -- I have to be more poised with the ball.

DM -- What did you do last summer in terms of basketball?

RS -- Me and Mike Mercer were selected to be apart of a group of players to play in the Dominican Republic. I also played in Pete Newell's Big Man Camp in Las Vegas.

DM -- What did Kevin Brophy mean to you?

RS -- He was such an awesome person. He worked hard everyday. He was a great person outside of basketball as well.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

Georgia has a home game vs Western Kentucky on Tuesday at 7:00 pm.

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