Boiling gets ready for playoffs

Clint Boiling gave Quentin Grant a few minutes of his time to discuss his team's recent run at the playoffs, and his preparation for becoming a Dawg.

Quentin Grant: Y'all turned your season around and made it to the playoffs…

Clint Boling: We were 1-2 at the beginning, and we got on a roll lately and we've been playing really well.

Grant: What was the change?

Boiling: I think we just got confident with our coaching and the offensive started to click. We started clearing up a lot more points. Our defense has finally started to come on. We've been playing loose. I think everything's just been going really well for us.

Grant: How have you been playing?

Boiling: I've been playing pretty well. Offensive, I've been doing pretty well. Defense, I have a lot of tackles. I have 12 sacks or something. So, I've been playing pretty well.

Grant: After the season is over, what's your plan to be ready for Georgia?

Boiling: Actually, I'm playing basketball after football is over. Once basketball is over I'm going to be working out with a personal trainer, Ryan Golden, during the spring and most of the summer, until I have to go to campus.

Grant: Have you been hearing a lot from the coaching staff?

Boiling: I've been keeping in touch with my recruiting coach, Coach Bobo. I talk to him about every week. He just calls to check in and see how everything is going.

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