Many Happy Returns

Mikey Henderson is currently leading the SEC in punt return average and is 4th in the nation with a 16.85 yard average. This past week he was named a semifinalist for the inaugural Randy Moss Return Man Award. Today I got to talk to him about the award, the season and the big game coming up against Georgia Tech.

Dave McMahon -- How important is this week off?

Mikey Henderson -- It is very important. It has been 11 weeks in the season and even before that during the camp. We've been going for a long time. This also gives us an extra week to prepare for Georgia Tech.

DM -- It also allows for the team to get more healthy...

MH -- Yeah, we are pretty banged up.

DM -- What are you going to do this Saturday?

MH -- I am going to go home and watch some football.

DM -- Have you heard what some of your other Georgia teammates are doing?

MH -- Most are going home. Some haven't had a chance to go home yet, this might be their first time.

DM -- What does this Randy Moss Award mean to you?

MH -- Haven't thought about it too much. I am honored.

DM -- Are you a fan of Randy Moss?

MH -- He is a great wide receiver. I have watched him for years.

DM -- Growing up in Buford, how much talk was there about the Georgia / Georgia Tech rivalry?

MH -- A lot. It was always on TV. Parents, friends, neighbors would talk about it. Who ever won the game would have bragging rights all year.

DM -- Any of your teammates go to Tech?

MH -- I played with Kyle Manley. He is a backup quarterback and holder.

DM -- You haven't got a touchdown in awhile, ready for another one?

MH -- Yeah. I think I can get another one.

DM -- Good way to end the home season...

MH -- Yeah, it seems like a home kind of thing.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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