Take Your Pick

For the most part, Paul Oliver has been solid all season. Earlier, he was one of the main reasons Sidney Rice was limited to 3 catches and 0 touchdowns. This past week he grabbed his 6th career interception and help limit Auburn to just 35 passing yards. Georgia does not play Saturday as it prepares for an in-state battle with Georgia Tech. This week I talked to the junior from Kennesaw.

Dave McMahon -- How much does the Georgia team need this rest?

Paul Oliver -- Badly... this team needs it badly. A lot of us need to rest and heal.

DM -- What are you going to do this Saturday?

PO -- Go home and watch football.

DM -- Which game are you going to watch?

PO -- Both the Ohio State/Michigan game and the Auburn/Alabama game.

DM -- Speaking of Auburn, what was the deal with all of those interceptions last week?

PO -- You would have to ask Tra Battle that... I just had one. We did a good job. Coach Martinez said we did a good job.

DM -- Georgia Tech is next and they haven't beat Georgia in a long time, you know they will be hungry, how do you make sure you keep them down?

PO -- You just got to keep playing your game and keep our mistakes down.

DM -- How much talk in Kennesaw is about the Georgia/Georgia Tech game.

PO -- A lot. But there are all Georgia fans up there.

DM -- What makes Calvin Johnson so special?

PO -- He catches everything. Anything that comes his way.

DM -- Have you talked to DeMario Minter about how to cover him?

PO -- Not yet, but I am sure he will call.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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