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Chris Haack has been the most sucessful head coach is Georgia men's golf history. Yes I know Dick Copas did an amazing job, but what Coach Haack does has been great. Last year, Georgia was ranked #1 through the majority of the season, but slipped in the NCAA finals and was ranked 2nd at the end of the year. Currently the Dawgs are ranked 6th, but there's a long way to go as Coach Haack told me.

Dave McMahon -- How is this year's team different from last year's team?

Chris Haack -- It is not much different. This year we are not playing as consistant. It has been one of those falls. Last year we had a good fall and the spring was not as good, maybe this year it will be reversed.

DM -- There were a few Bulldogs in the World Amateur this year, that was nice to see...

CH -- Anytime Georgia has players on the national level it is nice. Chip Beck has been doing really well on the senior's tour and players like Bubba Watson and Ryuji Imada have been doing well on the PGA Tour. It really shows kids what kind of program we have.

DM -- Chris Kirk was the SEC Player of the Year last year, what can he do better?

CH -- He has to be more consistant. You always have room to improve. Last year at times he played really well and at times he played really average. This year he has not been as consistant.

DM -- Has he and Brendon Todd been senior leaders of this team?

CH -- They have had to. We have no juniors on this team. Being seniors those two had to be leaders and teach and motivate the younger players. We go as far as our leaders lead us.

DM -- Brian Harman, he is the real deal isn't he?

CH -- He is having a better year this year. He has more confidence. Last year he played well in the beginning, but he was getting used to college life. He was getting adjusting to all his classes and the girls. This year he has a brand new enthusiasm. If he and Chris and Brandon do well, we can go far.

DM -- What about Hudson Swafford, it looks like he can be the next Brian Harman?

CH -- He has a lot of talent. He continues to get better and better. He has a chance to be one of the best.

DM -- You are currently ranked 6th, but there is a break now, when will the team start up again?

CH -- The team will start up again in February.

DM -- About how much will these guys play until then?

CH -- We are only allowed 8 hours a week during the offseason. But the players come out a lot. If it is 75 degrees and sunner outside they might be here everyday... either playing or chipping or putting. It matters. These guys are self-motivated.

DM -- What about you?

CH -- I don't play anymore. Coach Hybl is out there with them every now and then and schools those guys.

DM -- The Georgia golf course made some renevations over the summer, what has been the biggest changes?

CH -- The biggest improvement has been its length. It is about 7,400 yards now compared to 6,950 that it was. They re-did the greens as well. They added some slopes and some false fronts. It is a lot better.

DM -- Will Georgia be hosting some NCAA's in the future?

CH -- That is one of the things we have been talking about. As the course matures, we will see how it plays and we will make a bid for it being a NCAA Championship course.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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