Some Things You Might Not Know

After the biggest win of the season this year, Georgia had an off week and now this week they will face Georgia Tech. On the field they lead the series 57-36-5. At home they are 28-13-1. At Sanford Stadium they are 25-10-1. A win will make 6 straight wins in the series. The longest streak Georgia has over Tech is 7 straight from 1991-97. Here are some other things you might not know...

Since Georgia did not play this week in football and I will not do the rushing and passing distribution. If you need to see them, check on all stories after top stories. I will continue that list again next week.

Here are some other news, notes and nuggets.

Brannan Southerland leads the team in scoring this season. The last non-kicker to lead the Dawgs in scoring was Olandis Gary back in 1998. Here are the others since 1980.

1998 - Olandis Gary

1996-97 - Robert Edwards

1991-92 - Garrison Hearst

1988 - Tim Worley

1986-87 - Lars Tate

1980-82 - Herschel Walker


Martrez Milner leads the Bulldogs with 24 receptions this season and Mohamed Massaquoi is 2nd with 22. If neither reaches a total of 30 following the bowl game... it will be the 1st time since 1990 the Bulldog leader doesn't reach that mark.

In 1990, Sean Hummings led the Bulldogs with 25 receptions. The following season, Georgia started Eric Zeier and the passing game took off.


This is Georgia's first off week of the season. Here is how they did following their off week the last few years and I compared their output to the rest of the season. Most of the averages are pretty close.

2005 (1-1) average after off week... 28.5 ppg, 22.5 opp ppg (season averages... 29.5 ppg, 16.4 opp ppg)

2004 (2-0) average after off week... 32.0 ppg, 14.5 opp ppg (season averages... 27.9 ppg, 16.5 opp ppg)

2003 (2-0) average after off week... 31.5 ppg, 15.0 opp ppg (season averages... 26.5 ppg, 14.5 opp ppg)

2002 (2-0) average after off week... 32.0 ppg, 7.0 opp ppg (season averages 32.1 ppg, 15.1 opp ppg)


Georgia has 57 career wins over Georgia Tech the most against another team. Here are the top-5.

Georgia Tech - 57

Auburn - 49

Vanderbilt - 47

Kentucky - 47

Florida - 46


Most skilled players on Georgia's offense do not have a lot of experience against Georgia Tech. Here is one...

Kregg Lumpkin - 25 attempts, 138 yards, TD... in 2003, he also caught an 11-yard TD pass.

On the other side here is what Reggie Ball has done against Georgia...

39-82 (47.6 comp pct), 1 TD, 3 INT... he also has ran for 109 yards and got sacked 6 times in 3 career games.

Calvin Johnson has not fared well either... only 7 receptions, 58 yards and 1 TD in 2 career games.


I will also use some Georgia Basketball notes in the future. Here is one to start off with...

In Georgia's first 3 games this season, they have forced 88 turnovers and twice they have forced 30 or more turnovers in a game. These are the only times in the last 10 seasons, they have done that. Here are the most forced turnovers in a game since 1996.

Southern (2006-07) - 35 turnovers

Valdosta State (2006-07) - 30 turnovers

Western Kentucky (2005-06) - 28 turnovers

Mercer (1997-98) - 27 turnovers

Alabama (2004-05) - 26 turnovers

Kentucky (2005-06) - 26 turnovers

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