The Marshall Plan

Christy Marshall is a freshman forward from Savannah, Georgia and has already made big strides in the Lady Dawg program. In her 3rd career game she netted 16 points, including 10 in the 2nd half to help Georgia come back and defeat Davidson 74-68. For the season she has shot 15-28 from the floor. After the last game I talked to the former Class AAAAA Player of the Year.

Dave McMahon -- Was this the best game you have had so far as a Georgia Bulldog?

Christy Marshall -- Yes. This game I took my time more and read how players guard me better.

DM -- The game vs Davidson was a lot closer than the North Carolina A&T game...

CM -- It was. I love the competition though. It really helps out the whole team.

DM -- What are you learning as a freshman?

CM -- It is a lot harder to score.

DM -- Your fellow freshman Ashley Houts struggled a little today... will you talk to her and help her... one freshman to another...

CM -- I don't think she played that bad. We always communicate with each other. We always talk about that we are not freshmen, we are ball players.

DM -- Due to suspensions, injuries and other uncontrollable things, you are playing with just 7 girls, how hard is that?

CM -- It is tough. That is why we condition so much. We just got to suck it up and play.

DM -- Georgia trailed by 6-7 points halfway through the 2nd half, what happened after that?

CM -- We executed our plays better. Coach Landers asked us 'do we want it'... yes we wanted it.

DM -- You are from Savannah, your next game is in Stateboro against Georgia Southern, how many friends and family members will be there?

CM -- A lot. I think about 25-30 of them will make the trip.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

The 3-0 Lady Bulldogs play at Georgia Southern on Tuesday. Their next home game is next Sunday vs national powerhouse Stanford. It is at 2:30 pm and will be on TV.

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