The Running Man

Kregg Lumpkin got a little nicked up in the last game, but unless something bad happens before Saturday, he will start for the Bulldogs. The junior from Lithonia leads Georgia with 708 rushing yards. Despite not starting until halfway through the season, he is 6th in the SEC with that total. With the Georgia Tech game coming up, I sat down with the running back.

Dave McMahon -- How healthy are you?

Kregg Lumpkin -- I am good. I could be better.

DM -- Are you healthy enough to play?

KL -- Definitely

DM -- How much contact did you get in practice today?

KL -- I had full contact. I did it all.

DM -- If the Georgia / Georgia Tech game was this past week instead of the week ahead, would you have played?

KL -- I would have sucked it up and played.

DM -- When did you get hurt vs Auburn?

KL -- Towards the end of the last drive, I was caught in the middle and my ankle was rolled on.

DM -- Every game is big, but being from the Atlanta area... does that make the Georgia Tech game even bigger?

KL -- It is a rivalry game. It is big. I want to win it for the seniors. When we play Georgia Tech it is like a state final in high school.

DM -- You played high school with Reggie Ball, do you ever talk to him?

KL -- I talked to him back when we played Kentucky.

DM -- Anyone else on your Stephenson team that ended up at Tech?

KL -- I don't think so.

DM -- What is so special about Georgia Tech's defense?

KL -- They blitz a lot. They are extremely physical. I will have to protect more.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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