Into Battle

Tra Battle has done some good and some not so good plays this season. But one this is for certain is that this is his last game playing in Sanford Stadium. If he has another performance like he did against Auburn, the sellout crowd will go crazy. That week he became the 4th Bulldog to grab 3 interceptions in a game. This week I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- Last game 'Between the Hedges'... what do you think about that?

Tra Battle -- I haven't thought about it. I've been thinking about the game. I just want to win.

DM -- When you first got here, you were a walk-on... a lot has changed since then...

TB -- It really has. My first goal was to contribute and got a scholarship. Everything else I have done here was a blessing.

DM -- Did schools like Georgia Tech even look at you during recruiting?

TB -- The two schools that I was planning to go to were Georgia or Georgia Tech. I looked over at Tech's website and didn't see a major I liked...

DM -- The main weapon for Tech is Calvin Johnson, what does he do that is so special?

TB -- His ball skills. He catches everything that comes near him.

DM -- James Johnson is good, too...

TB -- At times he gots over looked. If he got the ball more, he could be just as good as Calvin.

DM -- What about Reggie Ball?

TB -- He is a good quarterback. He reminds me of Brent Schaeffer the way he runs and Erik Ainge on his deep balls.

DM -- Do you have 3 more interceptions for this week?

TB -- I hope so. That would be good for my last home game.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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